10 Easy to Forget Holiday Safety Tips

We recently published our top 10 Christmas and holiday season safety tips in a previous blog post. We got to thinking and realized there are more than ten things you can do to make your home safe for this holiday season. So we’ve come up with another ten tips to cover you between Christmas and the new year.

Remember that holiday safety is no accident. Being safe during the holiday season requires a concerted effort to think about what you are doing before and during your holiday celebrations. Adopting a safety-first mindset will make you safer throughout the season.

Here are ten more tips:

1. Overload electrical sockets
We all love brightly colored Christmas lights that light up the night? The thing is, electricity can be dangerous if you don’t respect it. Make a point of not overloading electrical sockets by using socket extenders. If anything, use UL-certified, surge-protected power strips.

2. Extension cords mishaps
If you plan to use extension cords for your holiday lighting this year, make sure you run them where they will not present a tripping hazard for your family and guests. Also, be sure to check cords for breaks in the plastic insulation that can lead to sparking and fires.

3. Keep walks and steps clear
Snow and ice can present a dangerous situation if you don’t keep your walks and steps clear. Make sure you have deicer on hand and, whatever you do, keep all first-floor doors free of snow and ice. Don’t just clear one door and leave the rest blocked.

4. Remember your pets
Some holiday decorations can be dangerous for pets. For example, the fake icicles (tinsel) some people like to put on their Christmas trees can kill a cat or dog if ingested. Be mindful that your pets don’t view Christmas the same way you do.

5. Secure alcohol in a safe place
Assuming some of your holiday guests will be children, do both them and yourself a favor by securing your alcoholic beverages away from little hands. Kids love to imitate adults, so this is something that calls for extra diligence.

6. Have your chimney inspected.
The holiday season is a perfect time for enjoying a fire in the fireplace. Be safe by having your chimney inspected by a professional. You do not need creosote buildup causing a hazardous chimney fire.

7. Don’t advertise your whereabouts
Avoid the temptation of ‘checking in’ on your social media feeds. Doing so only invites tech-savvy criminals to pay a visit to your house. The world doesn’t need to know where you are every moment of the day.

8. Invest in some video cameras
The holiday season has most of us on the go. You can keep an eye on your home by investing in a wireless home automation system or you can add a few inexpensive wireless video cameras to your existing system. No matter where you are, you can bring up video feeds on your smartphone.

9. Be wary of door-to-door solicitations
Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people take advantage of the holiday season to conduct fraudulent door-to-door solicitations. They pretend to be from legitimate charities seeking donations for the needy when they are really hucksters.

10. Organize a neighborhood watch
You can organize an informal neighborhood watch in which you and all your neighbors agree to keep an eye on one another’s property. If you prefer a formal neighborhood watch program, contact your local police department. They can get you hooked up.

Be safe this holiday season. Remember that you cannot prevent every conceivable disaster, but you can mitigate your risks by adopting a safety-first mindset throughout the holidays. Think safe to be safe.