3 Ways to Help Your Security System This Summer

If the latest news reports can be trusted, 2016 looks to be a fairly significant year for summertime travel. Low gas prices and a slowly strengthening economy suggests more people will be taking to the roads for extended vacations away from home. We think that’s great. It’s also great if you have a wireless security system that can keep watch over your home while you are away.

Summer is the best time to get out and enjoy those things you love doing the most. But before you pack the car and hit the road, take a few minutes to think about some extra steps you can take to help your wireless home security system be as effective as it can be. Remember, your home security system is just a tool to help you keep your home secure. It still needs you to do your part to be safe. Below are three examples of what we mean.

1. Beware of Social Media

It is unfortunate to have to acknowledge this, but social media has become an effective targeting tool for criminals. Smart criminals know that far too many people share far too many details on their social media channels without giving much thought to their security. One of the most helpful things you can do to enhance the effectiveness of your wireless security system is to be wary of divulging too much information online.

We know you love to share vacation pictures with your family. Just wait until you get home to do so. Don’t use social media to divulge the fact that you are 1200 miles away from home and will not be returning for two weeks. Don’t tell people you will be unreachable because you will be exploring the remote regions of the African plain.

2. Replace Your Batteries

The lithium-ion batteries in your wireless security devices should be able to go for 8 to 9 months without needing a charge. However, it is far better to be safe than sorry when you are heading out on vacation. It takes very little effort to replace your device batteries with fresh ones before you leave, then recharge the old ones and set them aside for the next time. Batteries are vital to wireless security systems. Do not neglect them.

3. Enlist a Neighbor or Friend

Assuming your vacation plans are taking you far enough away that you cannot return within a couple of hours, you might want to enlist the help of a neighbor or friend capable of responding should something go wrong. For example, your Uxari wireless security system can be set up to send you a text message if one of your video surveillance cameras isn’t working. That would be a time to call your neighbor or friend and ask that person to go over to the house and check the camera.

In all likelihood, the person you enlist will not be needed while you’re away. Provided your system has never suffered any serious malfunctions in the past, you are likely to get through your entire vacation without any pressing need for intervention. But it’s always good to have someone on hand should you require assistance.

Of course, don’t forget all of the other traditional security tips you’ve heard over the years. Be sure to stop your mail and newspaper, program your lights to turn on and off, make sure your window blinds are down and your windows are locked, and so on. When you take care of all the little things that make your home safer, the effectiveness of your wireless security system can be maximized.