4 Tips to Keep Your Package Deliveries Safe

With just a click of a button, anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart device can have just about anything shipped directly to their home. From clothes, to bikes, to major home appliances, the way we do business as consumers has moved from the traditional storefront to our front doors. Unfortunately, as the popularity of online shopping as boomed, so has theft of these items. In many instances, packages are delivered to your front porch during the day, and left unattended until you are able to get home and bring them inside. Package theft is a year-round problem, and spikes significantly during the holiday season. Check out these tips from the Uxari team on how to ensure your package arrives safely to your home.

Track Your Package

Check the tracking number included in your online order to see exactly where your shipment is along the way. Knowing exactly what day it’s going to end up at your front door allows you to make plans to run home to bring it inside, or have a neighbor or family member who lives nearby pick it up for you.

Keep an Eye Out from Anywhere

Uxari’s cloud-based security cameras allow you to see who is coming and going, 24/7. Our cameras feature motion alert technology, sending you a text notification that recording is taking place. From your smartphone, you’ll be able to see, hear, and even speak to visitors (or thieves) who show up at your door. Every recording is stored in the cloud for 6 months, making it easy to share recordings with law enforcement.

Deliver to an Alternate Location

If you work long hours that regularly keep you away from your home, it may be best to look into another place to have packages shipped that can keep your delivery safe until you are able to pick it up. Most major shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, etc.) have storefronts where you can pre-pay for a number of deliveries to their location.

Use Uxari to Impress the Delivery Man

Because Uxari is able to provide you with an entire home automation bundle that seamlessly integrates with each other, it allows our users to take the technology to the next level. Imagine being able to see and speak to your delivery man, thanks to your doorbell camera’s built-in camera and microphone. After exchanging pleasantries, you can then instruct the delivery man to place the package inside your front door by unlocking the door from your smartphone, then locking it back up after he places the package inside. Uxari can give you this, and more.