4 Ways Uxari Home Automation Makes Life Easier

At first glance, most think that a home automation system is a complex, complicated, system that they’ll spend weeks learning how to operate, and always runs the risk of disconnecting or failing. In actuality, a smart home system is designed to make regular tasks in and around your home easier than ever before. Beyond the common uses for home automation, such as turning on and off lights or controlling home temperature, Uxari’s smart home system is filled with features that will leave every home owner impressed at the control they now have over their entire home, from anywhere!

Keep Energy Costs Down

One of the first smart home technologies that hit the market was the smart thermostat. This item was designed to allow users to remotely control the temperature within their home, as well as set schedules for temperatures to change, depending on whether the home is occupied or not. Users can set temps to be lowered during the night hours and while at work, and then schedule the home to be set to a more comfortable level prior to returning back to the house.

Sensor Sensitivity

Motion sensors are designed to detect motion. Where many motion detectors fail, is by not having the ability to control what type of motion is detects. Homeowners with a furry friend or two can attest that most pets like to roam around the home during the day, and without a motion detector with an adjustable sensitivity, alarms can be regularly tripped. Uxari motion sensors can be set to disregard motion of pets weighing less than 80 pounds, allowing you to still arm your home without fearing Fido and Fluffy set off your alarm.

Secure Your Home on the Go

As we rush out the door to begin our morning commutes, forgetting to lock a door or close the garage is something that happens to all of us…except for those with home automation from Uxari! Second guessing yourself if you locked the front door this morning? You can check, and lock, any door fitted with an Uxari Smart Lock via the Uxari app on any smartphone. Leaving the garage door open all day or night won’t ever happen again, thanks to Uxari text reminders that alert you if your garage door has been left open for more than 10 minutes.

Have Your Home Welcome You Home

Thanks to the seamless communication and integration of all Uxari home automation devices, users are able to utilize geofencing within the system that will activate together. Let’s say you are headed home from work after a long day. Once you and your smartphone are within range, your preset home automation link will activate; specific lights throughout the house will be turned on, the temperature will be set to your liking, music can be playing, and front door will be unlocked.