5 Reasons Millennials Should Embrace Home Automation

We constantly hear about the millennial generation as being the most important demographic for retailers. Restaurants target millennials, as do electronics manufacturers, clothing brands, and just about every other sector under the very large retail umbrella. So it should be no surprise to learn that those of us in the home automation and security industry are also interested in the millennial audience.

If you are a millennial yourself, you might have just recently purchased your first home or have plans to begin looking for a home in the very near future. Any such purchase would be made much better by the inclusion of a home automation and security system. A DIY wireless system from Uxari would be your best bet in our opinion. Be that as it may, we believe there are five reasons millennials should embrace home automation:

1.Home Automation Saves Energy

The millennial audience understands the need to conserve energy as much as possible. Regardless of one’s stance on fossil fuels and global warming, there is no reason to waste energy in any form. It just so happens that the millennial generation is the first generation that has access to the kinds of technologies that could make a real difference in energy usage in the average American home.

Home automation helps save energy by giving homeowners better control over their thermostats and lighting. Just making better use of heating and cooling alone makes a tremendous difference.

2.Home Automation Saves Money

Saving on energy equates to saving money on monthly utility bills. That’s important when you consider government data that shows heating and cooling account for nearly half of all the money spent on residential energy. Why spend extra money when you don’t have to?

3.Home Automation Enhances Security

Today’s millennials live in a world that is far more dangerous than even their parents or grandparents knew. Long gone are the days of going to bed at night and leaving the doors unlocked. Where personal safety is concerned, home automation can make you more secure. A good DIY system with wireless video cameras, door and window sensors, and program lighting really make a difference. A good wireless security system acts as a deterrent against crime.

4.Home Automation Improves Multimedia

As a millennial, you understand the appeal of high-quality multimedia. You grew up on digital audio, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. As such, you’re more likely to be the generation that invests significantly in home audio and theater. Home automation is the perfect complement to your audio and theater system. It makes operating home audio and theater easier, more efficient, and certainly a lot more fun.

5. Home Automation Is Bleeding Edge

Lastly, the millennial generation could be accurately described as the technology generation too. Having grown up on technology makes the millennial generation the ideal generation to press forward with the bleeding edge of all sorts of things, not the least of which are home automation and mobility. It is an incredible opportunity to be among the first adopters of things such as voice recognition systems, truly smart appliances, smart doorbells, and the like.

The millennial generation is the most coveted demographic because they are the most likely to spend on new things. If you are a millennial who is also relatively new to the housing market, we encourage you to consider a home automation and security system from Uxari. With a comparatively small investment of time and resources, you could have one of the smartest homes in your neighborhood. Your home could even be the standard to which your neighbors aspire.