After-School Safety Tips for Families

It seems like just yesterday we were putting together blog posts addressing summer safety. Now that we are in the middle of September, it’s time to consider dealing with safety issues that are common this time of year. We’ll begin safety related posts with after-school safety for families.

Today’s families are busy families that often find themselves going in separate directions throughout the day and sometimes in the evening too. Families where both parents work, kids can end up alone at home for several hours after school. While home, they are hopefully being monitored in some way, preferably with a wireless security system that includes multiple video cameras.

That aside, here are some tips to help keep your family safer during those after-school hours:

1.Kids Should Come Straight Home

Parents and kids should come up with a schedule so that mom and dad know exactly when the children will be home. Whether they come home right after classes are over or stay at school to participate in extracurricular activities, kids should always go straight home at the appointed time. Spending time with friends, hanging out on the street, etc., can all be left for another time. Coming straight home improves safety and parents know when to expect the arrival of kids. If they don’t show up on time, appropriate action can be taken before it is too late.

2.Doors and Windows Should Remain Locked

Once kids get home from school, it is advisable to close and lock all doors behind them. Windows should be locked as well. Burglars tend to look for unlocked windows and doors before attempting a home invasion. Under no circumstances should kids open the door for someone they don’t know. If a friend or family member might stop by to check on the children, that person should call on the cell phone upon arrival. That way the kids will know who is ringing the doorbell.

3.Inviting Friends In the Presence of an Adult

It’s very normal for kids to want to invite their friends over after school. Although parents advise their children to stay safe with a list of to do, kids have a mind of their own and tend to get upto things they aren’t supposed to.From a safety standpoint, this is can be a bad idea especially if a parent of guardian is not present to prevent accidents. Additionally, inviting friends over, does shift a certain amount of liability to parents even though they may be at work. Being responsible for other peoples kids in addition to one’s own creates a certain amount of risk. Being aware of this fact, it would be a good idea to make sure that an adult is around when kids invite their friends to the house.

4.Teach Kids How to Use the Alarm

If a home is equipped with a wireless security system, children should be taught how to use it in the event of an emergenc. They should know how to set the alarm once they get home and how to quickly trigger an alarm in the event something does go wrong. Along with that, they should be taught how to contact local authorities in the event of any kind of emergency.

5.Activity Should Be Restricted to Certain Rooms

One of the benefits of a wireless home security system with video cameras is the ability to keep track of the kids even when you’re not there. Again, assuming a home is already equipped, restricting the kids’ activities to rooms with video cameras, helps parents to keep track of their children’s activities. As an added bonus, video cameras are a great incentive to get kids to do their school work.

Now that school is back in session, it’s time to get back into the daily routine. Safety should be part of that routine. The more steps that are taken to increase safety at home, the better off your children will be during those after-school hours while you are still at work.