Simple Safety Tips To Remember this Christmas Day

It won’t be much longer before visions of sugar plums are dancing in the minds of little ones looking forward to the joys of Christmas morning. This is one time of the year when people seem to be in a better mood; the time of year when peace on earth and goodwill to all men seems within our grasp. It would be a shame for your Christmas to be ruined by some sort of accident or criminal activity.

The staff here at Uxari wish you and your family the happiest of Christmas days. Having said that, we do know that trouble doesn’t take a holiday. Therefore, it is up to each of us to adopt a safety-first mindset that will mitigate any potential risks as much is possible.

Here are a few common-sense safety tips that we hope you will put to good use:

Make Sure the Tree Is Watered

It’s easy to forget the Christmas tree as a fire hazard in the excitement of Christmas Day. If you are using a natural tree, make sure it is well watered first thing in the morning. Leaving Christmas lights on all day is a good reason to check the water level again during the early evening. The last thing you want is a Christmas tree that becomes combustible because it has been allowed to dry out.

Turn off Lights When You Leave

If you are planning to visit relatives or friends on Christmas Day, make sure the automated lighting is on but try not to leave your Christmas lights on while you’re gone. This includes exterior lighting. Though the chances of a house fire are slim, there is always that slim possibility when electricity is in play.

Leave Trash in the Garage

The festivities and shopping that takes place during the holidays always results in generating a lot of trash. Even if your garbage collection day happens to fall the day after Christmas, leave your trash in the garage until the morning. Trash (particularly boxes) put out to the curb on Christmas Day are an invitation to burglars to check out all your gifts.

Don’t Post Gifts on Social Media

Another burglar magnet around the Christmas holidays is social media. As much as you and the family are excited about your new gifts, do yourself a favor and avoid the temptation of posting pictures and descriptions online. If it’s important for you to share with others, do so in person or via e-mail.

Be Extra Cautious When You’re Cooking

As explained in one of our previous blog posts, kitchen fires spike during the holiday season. We urge you to be especially cautious in the kitchen on Christmas Day when the excitement of the holiday tends to encourage more risk-taking. Do not leave candles unattended, or leave sharp kitchen utensils where little hands can find them, and most important never leave the stove top unattended when it’s hot. If you’re planning to deep-fry a turkey, take it outdoors or as far away from your home as possible.

Consider Wireless Home Security

You still have time to purchase and install wireless home security from Uxari if your property is not yet protected. The beauty of DIY home security is that it doesn’t require professional installation. Place your order today you should have your system in time for the Christmas holiday.

We love Christmas here at Uxari. We love getting together with family and spending quality time that makes the best kind of memories. Here’s wishing you a safe and happy Christmas and many more to come. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about our wireless home automation and security systems.