Creative Ways to Use Automated Lighting Scenes

Uxari’s home automation systems are capable of transforming the lighting in your home by way of various scenes that you program into your system based on the lights you have and how you use them. Lighting scenes represent one of the most visible ways to truly understand the benefits of home automation.

You can purchase a home security and automation system without lighting control, but doing so is not the norm. Lighting is such a basic part of home automation that most of our customers include lighting devices in their packages. There is good reason for this. There are lots of creative ways you can use home automation to get the most out of your lights. Below are just a few examples to get you thinking in that direction.

Adding Color

Automating your lighting at home is a simple matter of connecting flights to wireless devices capable of communicating with your home automation system. Adding specialized bulbs takes automation from simple on-off switching to doing other very creative things – such as adding color to your lighting scheme.

Take your kitchen, for example. You could buy LED bulbs that produce different colors based on their settings. Then you could program the lights to come on at any particular time you choose, with your favorite color. Add a splash of green while you’re preparing dinner and a soft blue glow for an hour before bed. You can add different splashes of color throughout your home in whatever way suits you.

Simulate Day and Night

Not every room in your home will have lots of windows that let in plenty of natural light. A basement home theater comes to mind as a perfect example. But even without windows, you can still simulate night and day scenes in your home theater through home automation. With the right selection of fiber-optic lighting that can very accurately reproduce day and night scenes, you can simulate the correct time of day by programming lights to respond around-the-clock.

You can use the night and day simulation even in rooms with a few, limited windows. Wherever you want the amount of light in a room to more accurately reflect the time of day, this simulation is appropriate.

Create Romantic Lighting

You and your partner appreciate the opportunity to cuddle on the couch after a long day of work. Bright lights may not be what you want in such situations, so you could program a scene that lends itself well to romance. A few well-placed bulbs offering a soft glow could be the perfect complement to your comfortable couch and a glass of wine. And just in case one of you has to get up to refill the glasses, soft lighting guiding the way to the kitchen can be programmed into the system as well.

Wake up to Perfect Lighting

If you are the kind of person who rises for work when it’s still dark, there is no need to stumble to the bathroom to get ready. Try programming your lights to provide just enough illumination to make things safer without disrupting the other members of the family. Your eyes will be used to the darkness anyway, so it only takes a little bit of illumination to create a safe walkway to the bathroom.

There are lots of other ways to use automation to improve lighting around your home. If you are thinking about a home security and automation system from Uxari, we can recommend lighting options as part of your plan. There is no limit to what you can do with your interior and exterior lighting.