DIY Home Security for Renters: A Good Idea

At last count, there were more than 109 million people in the U.S. living in rental housing. That is not so unusual given the fact that home ownership began declining at the start of the crash in 2008. What is surprising is that so many renters take a laissez-faire attitude regarding their security. That is not good. Renters should pay just as much attention to security as owners, and they should consider everything from wireless alarms to proper lighting to heavy-duty door locks.

As a home automation and security company, our primary security focus is on DIY wireless alarms. In that regard, we want to address renters in this post. It may be a common belief among renters that landlords are responsible for security, but the law does not require landlords to go above and beyond standard door locks and secure windows.

As a renter, you do not have to be exposed to unnecessary risk by not having an alarm system. Today’s DIY wireless alarms are the perfect solution for your needs. They are so simple to install that the average consumer can do it in minutes.

Wireless Is the Perfect Renter Solution

Years ago, it was understandable that renters were not interested in security systems. After all, they are not allowed to alter the premises they are renting. Because older systems were hardwired, installation would require construction that renters were not authorized to perform. But that is no longer the case. Today’s DIY alarm systems are completely wireless. Consumers need do nothing more than install the batteries, locate the control panel, and set everything up with a mobile device.

DIY wireless alarms require no cutting into walls. They do not have to be wired into the electrical system or connected to a telephone landline. Instead, wireless systems are powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries while using cellular connections for monitoring. If you can use a smartphone or tablet, you can use a wireless security system.

DIY Monitoring for Renters

Another concern among renters has been the idea of monitoring. In some cases, landlords may not be too keen on the idea of outside monitoring. There are privacy issues they really don’t have time to be concerned about. Once again, DIY alarm systems come to the rescue.

As a renter, you can monitor your home with ease. You have access to the same kind of equipment including motion sensors, video surveillance cameras, and smoke alarms. Any triggered alarm immediately sends a notification to your smartphone so that you can respond immediately. Simply put, you can still enjoy 24-hour monitoring without involving a third party provider.

Take it from’s Angela Colley, who discovered, after the fact, that she really should have had an alarm system installed in her rental home. She published a great piece describing the lessons she learned after her home was broken into during 2015.

One of Colley’s comments was that she never thought home security was a necessity as a renter. In her words, she felt justified in not investing in a security system because that’s not a renter’s job. She paid for that misplaced belief.

Just like Colley, you could step out of your rental unit for just a few minutes only to find your place has been burglarized when you return. It doesn’t take long. Burglars only need seven or eight minutes to do what they do. Our advice is that you seriously consider DIY wireless alarms as a first step in protecting yourself. Wireless alarms are the perfect solution for renters who need easy-to-install security that does not run afoul of lease agreements.