Enhance Your Holiday Entertaining with Home Automation

The more we learn about the capabilities of home automation technologies, the more we understand that the entire home automation concept can dramatically change the way we live our lives. Something as innocuous as holiday entertaining can be made so much better with the addition of just a few home automation devices. In this post, we will explain a few of the things you can do to make your holiday entertaining more inviting to your guests.

Bear in mind that Uxari offers complete DIY home automation systems built using the latest wireless technology. If you have not yet jumped into the home automation pool, we invite you to consider doing so with Uxari this holiday season. Our devices and software are coupled with excellent customer service to give you a unique home automation and security experience. With that said, let us move on to the holiday entertaining.

Automate Your Exterior Lighting

You’ve probably seen those television shows in which various families in the same town compete against one another to see who can come up with the most dynamic exterior lighting display. Some of them go so far as to combine music soundtracks with flashing lights to do some incredible things. Well, did you know that what they are doing involves a specially designed form of home automation?

We cannot help you create a killer display that will win the local award for the best holiday-themed house, but you can use our lighting devices to automate all your exterior lighting. With our devices, you can do several things including timing your lights and creating specific lighting scenes. Once all your exterior lights are up and programmed, you can forget about them for the season. Home automation takes care of everything.

You might create different scenes that change throughout the evening based on the kinds lights in your display. Or maybe you want everything turned on at the same time and then turned off just before bed. It doesn’t matter either way. You can automate exterior lighting for a perfect presentation.

Automate Your Holiday Music

Home automation has advanced far enough that it is now possible to purchase automation devices for home audio and theater. For example, you can automate your stereo receiver or digital music player to start or stop anytime you want. You can connect your audio system to a mobile device that lets you turn it on the minute you walk in the door. Uxari even has wireless speaker systems that make it possible for you to stream your music to any location in your house.

Perhaps you are entertaining in the great room where your sound system is located. Whatever is playing in the great room can be streamed to the kitchen as well, so you don’t have to miss a single song when it’s time to run off for the next plate of hors d’oeuvres. In theory, you could have music playing throughout the house by locating a wireless speaker in each room. If you live in a warm weather climate suitable to entertaining outdoors, you can even put speakers out on your patio or deck too!

The possibilities for automating your house for better holiday entertaining are nearly limitless. Thanks to reliable wireless technology, just about anything in your home that runs on electricity can be automated to at least some degree. Obviously, things such as thermostats and lighting are capable of a higher level of automation than more basic things like window shades. But with the right collection of devices from Uxari, your holiday entertaining can be made better through home automation.