Factor Contributing to a Home Security System

As a homeowner, you work hard to take care of your family and property. The last thing you want is a criminal gaining access to your property when you’re not there. Protecting you against such intrusions is the entire purpose behind an alarm for home security. In this day and age, consumers have a lot of options including wireless, DIY home security and professionally installed systems.

So what actually constitutes an alarm for home security? That depends on your needs. Why? Because every home and family are different, each homeowner can choose whatever is right for his or her circumstances. Here at Uxari, we offer top-of-the-line DIY systems that rely on wireless technology. Let us look at a couple of different options just to give you an idea of what’s out there.

Security Via the Family Dog

We will start with home security via the family dog. We offer this option for vital reasons . There are plenty of property owners who have one or two dogs at home for security purposes. This is not a bad choice when you consider how terrifying a guard dog can be. Furthermore, burglars aren’t fond of dogs that make a lot of noise. A dog can be a very good security option to start with.

The problem with relying solely on the family dog is that man’s best friend can be quieted by a skilled burglar. That’s not even mentioning overly-friendly dogs that wouldn’t make noise if their lives depended on it. Dogs also don’t provide evidence in the event a burglar gets in. It would seem that the family dog needs a little help by the way hardware.

Noisemaking Alarms Systems

In the early days of electronic home security, it was all about making noise. System designers were fully aware that burglars are very uncomfortable with noise. They knew that burglars want to get in and out as quickly as possible without attracting attention to themselves. So with the goal of disrupting burglars in mind, alarm designers created systems that made incredible amounts of noise that could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

Today, consumers can still buy noisemaking alarms systems. They consist of window and door sensors that trigger an ear piercing siren should a window or door be breached. They are just as effective as dogs in this arena, but they still lack the ability to collect evidence in the event of an intrusion. So it would seem that the family dog and the noisemaking alarms need further assistance still.

Monitored Home Security

This brings us to our third and final solution: monitored home security. A monitored system includes two important upgrades you do not get with the family dog or a noisemaking system. First is 24-hour monitoring that can be conducted either by a monitoring company or the homeowner him/herself. Monitoring makes it possible to always know when a home security system has been breached.

The second upgrade is a wireless video camera. Today’s wireless video cameras are inexpensive, easy to use, and very effective at recording the presence of intruders. Video cameras are also crucial to that much-coveted evidence we’ve been talking about. Video feeds can be used for police investigations and criminal prosecutions, and burglars know it. If they approach a house that they believe might be protected with video cameras, they are very likely to move on to an easier target.

An alarm for home security shouldn’t just make noise; it should also provide extra protection by way of evidence gathering. For that, there is nothing better than a monitored system complete with video surveillance cameras.