Fire Evacuation Plan: 3 Reasons to Have One

You are a homeowner who has gone to great lengths to make sure your home is a smart home. You have even installed a security and home automation system from Uxari, a system that includes wireless smoke detectors connected to our remote monitoring center. In light of all that technology, you decide that an old-fashioned fire evacuation plan is no longer necessary. We would caution against such thinking.

As awesome as new wireless technology is, even the best DIY wireless security system can only go so far in protecting you and your family against accidental injury or death related to a house fire. Technology can never take the place of the human factor in anything as complex as escaping from a fire.

From our perspective, there are three very good reasons to develop and practice a fire evacuation plan with your family. We have listed them below.

The Statistics Are Devastating

The most important reason for developing a fire evacuation plan can be found in statistics provided by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). According to NFPA data for 2013, the last year for which such data is available, there were 369,500 house fires in the United States. Those fires resulted in 12,200 non-firefighter injuries and 2,755 non-firefighter deaths. They were responsible for $6.8 billion in property damage.

In short, the statistics relating to house fires in the U.S. are absolutely devastating. We have made great strides in reducing injuries, deaths and property damage, but we have not eliminated all of the risks. You and your family should have a fire evacuation plan so that you don’t become the next statistic.

Practice Reduces Panic

It is great to have a smart home that includes wireless smoke detectors monitored 24 hours a day. But even with this technology in place, panic is a very real problem in the event family members do not know what to do in a fire situation. Developing and practicing an evacuation plan reduces the risk of panic by instilling in the back of every family member’s mind what should be done in the event of a fire.

Practicing your evacuation plan frequently increases the chances that your family members will move automatically in the event that evacuation becomes necessary. That’s what you want in a house fire. You don’t want to have to take the time to think about things in enough detail to cause panic.

Evacuation Accounts for Family Members

Lastly, firefighters on the scene of a house fire need to account for all occupants as quickly as possible. A good evacuation plan includes an assembly point, making it entirely possible to account for family members who might still be missing. Trust us when we say that is something you truly want to know in the event of a house fire.

We sincerely hope that our customers never have to live through the nightmare of a house fire. But things happen. So make your smart home even safer by developing and practicing a fire evacuation plan. Doing so is one of the best ways to prevent injuries and deaths.

Installing a Security System

Now that you have some very good reasons for developing a fire evacuation plan, do you have smoke detectors installed around your home? If not, you really should have some. At Uxari, we offer wireless smoke detectors that can be included in your DIY home automation and security system. They are affordable and easy to install. Best of all, they are monitored around the clock for your safety. Please ask about smoke alarms when you call for more information.


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