For Smart Home Enthusiasts its Security First

If you had to comment on what you think drives smart home enthusiasts to go shopping for devices and complete systems for their homes, what would your thoughts be? Do you think people are more inclined to look for ways to automate lighting and thermostats, or is there something else on their mind? If your answer is ‘security’, you are absolutely right. Security is first on the mind of smart home enthusiasts when they go shopping.

A recent survey conducted by market research experts TWICE and Creative Channel Services indicates that some 59% of smart home sales associates cite security devices as the first devices customers tend to purchase. In other words, almost two-thirds of consumers looking to install home security and automation systems are concentrating first on the security component.

After basic home security is climate control and lighting control, followed by entertainment system control. Interestingly enough, the survey shows that connected devices in the kitchen are not all that important to smart home shoppers. There could be any number of reasons for this, including the fact that home appliances tend to be big-ticket items. Regardless, home security is the dominant category.

Home Security Keeps Getting Better

It isn’t all that surprising that consumers interested in smart homes are focusing on security first given the fact that home alarms and been around for decades. Automation devices are relative newcomers that people may or may not want, but the desire for a safe and secure home is nearly universal. Add to that the fact that home security keeps getting better, and it stands to reason that security would be the starting point for the average homeowner looking to go smart.

So what is so much better about modern home security? Here are just a few things to consider:

  • Wireless Technology – Today’s home security and automation systems can be installed easily and quickly without major home construction. Through wireless technology that utilizes wi-fi networks and cellular signals, homeowners can get the security and automation features they want in an easy-to-install, DIY package. A system, they are able to self-monitor.
  •  New Devices – The newest devices on the market are really changing the way we look at home security and automation. Take the smart video doorbell, for example. This nifty little device makes it possible for a homeowner to answer the doorbell using a smartphone, making it impossible for visitors to know whether anyone is home or not.
  •  Remote Access – Whether you are talking home security or home automation, we now have the ability to give customers remote access to their systems at any time of night or day. With just a mobile device the homeowner can check video feeds, lock and unlock doors, arm and disarm the alarm, adjust lighting and thermostats, and more.

Simple, Affordable, and Effective

Homeowners are looking at DIY security more frequently now than in the past because it is simple, affordable, and effective. A homeowner considering security can purchase an off-the-shelf system that includes a central control unit along with window and door sensors. He or she can also add several video cameras that are also wireless, providing both internal and external coverage. And all of it can be purchased and installed at a fraction of the cost of a professionally installed and monitored system.

Yes, smart home enthusiasts are thinking security first when they go shopping. It all makes perfect sense when you understand home security and automation. Here at Uxari, we understand what consumers want. We are working hard to make sure we provide it.


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