Home Security Tips We Need To Talk About

We are nearing the back to school season with children starting their new terms in about a month.Parents on the other hand will be gearing up for the busiest time at work. This means everyone will be scrambling to get in their vacations before August draws to a close. Everyone, except burglars, that is.

We thought it would be appropriate to address some important security tips just for our readers contemplating an August vacation. In this post, we will not be addressing topics everyone else does, like having a neighbor take in the mail and setting some of your lights on timers. Rather, we want to address three home security tips that don’t get discussed a lot.

Make Sure Your Yard Is Maintained

Speaking of a do-it-yourself home security alarm, it may be a very good first line of defense against burglary and other property crimes. A burglar will look at other things long before he or she’s willing to approach a house to see if it really has a working security system. One of the first things he/she will look at, is the tidiness of your yard.

Burglars know that meticulously maintaining the exterior of your home is hard work. They also know that if you are willing to do so, you’re also probably willing to take the steps necessary to protect your valuables inside. That makes their job harder. It’s no wonder that burglars prefer homes with yards that are not well kept- it’s a sign that the homeowners might be away for an extended period of time. So when you go on vacation, hire someone to maintain your yard for you.

Save the Pictures Till You Get Home

Social media has become a boon to home burglars. In a day and age where people may have thousands of social media friends without ever thinking about it, burglars intentionally try to make friends in the areas where they work. They will then scour social media to find victims who are broadcasting the fact that they are not home.

We know you want to post pictures of your vacation. That’s great, but wait until you get home before doing so. Posting pictures while you are away, and making comments to that effect, is an open door to any burglar who might be monitoring social media in your local area.

Work with Your Neighbors

Lastly, the next best thing to installing a do-it-yourself home security system is to enlist your neighbors to keep an eye on your property. Burglars are a lot less likely to hit a neighborhood where all the residents work together. Your neighbors can keep an eye on your place, then you can return the favor down the road. Best of all, you might become good friends in the process.

Today’s DIY home security alarm equipment is every bit as good as the equipment installed by full-service companies offering expensive installation and monitoring. If equipment is your biggest concern, the advantage of a DIY installation is that it will cost less money.

Any plans to go away for an August vacation should be taken into consideration along with a reliable do it yourself home automation and home security alam system, so you can protect and monitor your home remotely. Why? Because the advantage of a do-it-yourself home security alarm system is that you do not have to wait to schedule an installation appointment. You can order your custom alarm system online, have it delivered to your doorstep in a few days, and get it installed in time to protect your home while you’re on vacation.