How to Mitigate Losses from a Home Burglary

We have made great strides in reducing home burglaries and other property related crimes. Still, home burglaries continue occurring at a rate of several per minute – every minute of the day, every day of the year. We obviously recommend installing a wireless home security system as a means of reducing the likelihood that burglars will target your property. But there are other things we need to talk about.

No wireless security system, be it a system professionally installed by a name-brand dealer or one consisting of do-it-yourself alarms and cameras, can offer 100% protection against burglary. The one day you walk out without remembering to arm your system is the day burglars visit your neighborhood. Then what do you do?

Knowing how burglars think can help mitigate losses in the event that your home is targeted. Numerous studies over the years have shown that a few simple strategies can make a big difference.

Protect the Master Bedroom

The first room burglars head to upon making entry is the master bedroom. They know this is the most lucrative room in the home because it is where they find expensive jewelry, credit cards, electronics, and cash. With a few minor adjustments you can reduce your losses:

  • Store expensive jewelry in another room; the back corner of a lower kitchen cupboard is a good choice.
  • Leave inexpensive costume jewelry in its place. This can fool a burglar and motivate him/her to leave more quickly.
  • Never leave cash or credit cards anywhere in the master bedroom or bathroom.
  • If you must leave something of value in the bedroom, store it in a wall safe that has been professionally installed.

Store Collectibles Off-Site

People who maintain collections of valuable items are always taking a risk when those collectibles are at home. Where practical, it’s best to store collectibles off-site in a secure environment. For example, your rare gold coins are better off in a safe deposit box down at your local bank.

Larger items that will not fit in a safe deposit box can be stored in climate-controlled self-storage facilities that are monitored around the clock by video surveillance and guards. Secure self-storage is relatively inexpensive when compared to the value of some collectibles.

Get Adequate Insurance Protection

Above all, the best way to mitigate losses from a home burglary is to have adequate insurance protection in place. Take a look at your current homeowners’ policy to see exactly what it covers. You might be surprised to find that you have less coverage than you assumed. Of course, contact your insurance company or your local agent if you have any questions about coverage.

If you are a renter, you are not immune from burglary and theft. You should have renters’ insurance in place just in case. And as a side note, a wireless home security system from Uxari can easily be installed in any apartment without doing any structural damage. With a few do-it-yourself alarms and video cameras, you can enjoy just as much protection as a homeowner.

Some Final Thoughts

Part of mitigating the losses from home burglary is to be sure not to invite burglars to your property. What do we mean? Well, leaving the blinds open on your first-floor windows while you’re gone is an open invitation for burglars to peer in. A quick inventory of your belongings tells them right away whether your house is worth breaking into or not.

There are other ways to invite burglars, such as over-sharing on social media sites. Be smart – do not invite a burglary.