Make the Most of Home Security This Holiday Season

Having a DIY wireless security system installed in your home offers an added level of protection against burglary and other property related crimes. Yet, the holiday season can bring with it, enough confusion and chaos as to render a home security system less effective than it otherwise would be. This is the last thing you want as a property owner and should lead to start considering ways to not only ensure the effectiveness of security system, but also enhance its ability to keep you safe.

You can make the most of your wireless home security system this holiday season by doing just a few common-sense things outlined below. As always, Uxari offers the latest DIY wireless security systems if you do not yet have one installed in your home.

Create Reminders to Arm Your System

Home security systems do fail to protect from time to time. At the top of the list of causes is the failure of homeowners to arm their systems when they leave. We see this a lot during the holiday season. People tend to come go out of their homes for holiday shopping at such a high frequency, that they have a hard time remembering simple things such as arming the security system.

You can make your life easier by creating reminders to arm your system. For example, you might stick a temporary note on the door you use most often to enter and leave. You could tie a piece of red ribbon to your key chain, or set up a reminder on your smartphone to coincide with the time you leave for work in the morning.

Leave the Wireless Fobs at Home

Wireless home security systems that come with keychain fobs for arming and disarming the system are relatively common these days. We recommend leaving the wireless fobs at home during the holiday season. Why? Because the chaos and confusion of the holidays lead to people losing their keys more often at this time of year than any other. If you lose a key chain with a fob attached, whoever find your keys gains access to your home and a means to shut off your alarm system without a security code. Do not take the chance.

Teach Guests How to Use the System

False alarms tend to occur during the holiday season due to guests who are unfamiliar with wireless home security systems. If you plan to have any guests staying with you this year, make sure you take the time to instruct them about your security system and how it works. You might even want to give them their own temporary security codes they can use during their stay.

Recharge or Replace Batteries

The end of daylight saving time is a good opportunity to check the batteries in your security system components. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to do so before the busyness of the holidays begins. If your system utilizes lithium-ion batteries, make sure they are all fully charged over the next several weeks. Otherwise, replace old batteries with new ones.

A wireless home security system is as effective as the homeowner who uses it. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family heading into the holiday season is to make sure you are thoroughly familiar with every aspect of your system and its individual components. Understanding how it all works puts the power in your hands to use your home security system to your greatest advantage. That’s what you want during the busy holiday season; a season when the frequency of property crimes tends to increase.