The same protection as our door sensors only concealed for aesthetic advantages.

• Wireless connectivity
• Remote text notifications
• Low battery warning
• 5-year battery life
• Compact size, only 2-1/2? long

Wireless recessed door sensor in Florida wall


Because the sensor is discreet, they are not easily detected from inside or outside the house.
Installing a wireless recessed door sensor in a Florida wall

Easy to Install

Using an 11/16” drill bit, slowly drill a hole for the transmitter and magnet.
Florida wireless recessed door sensor battery

CR2 Lithium Battery

When your sensor battery gets low, you will be alerted on your panel.

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Product Overview

Created to fit inside a door or window frame, these sensors are virtually undetectable. Compact size, only 2.5” long, fully supervised, rare earth magnet and lithium battery.

The wireless recessed door sensor is designed for use on doors, when you want to hide the sensor. When your system is armed and a door is opened, the Uxari wireless door sensor alerts the central monitoring station and informs you immediately on your mobile device.

Receive text alerts on your phone when your door sensor has been left open for more than 10 minutes or during an alarm condition.

Uxari wireless service agreement required.