Safety Tips for Halloween

October is here, and that can mean only one thing: parents and kids are starting to make plans for their annual Halloween celebrations. Between adult parties and trick-or-treating for the kids, there will be a lot going on on the evening of the 31st. We encourage our readers to be prepared in order to stay safe. As you know, safety is about more than just wireless home security and automation.

Trick-Or-Treating with Children

Some of the basic safety tips for trick-or-treating date back to the days when our parents and grandparents were doing it. For example, kids should wear light-colored clothing or something reflective on their costumes just to make sure they can be seen. Carrying a flashlight and traveling in groups are also long-standing safety tips.

Here are a few more that have been added over the years:

  • Plan your trick-or-treating route ahead of time. While so doing, make sure you and your kids are traveling only in areas you are familiar with. Do not travel into unknown neighborhoods where you may not know what to do in the event you need help.
  • When choosing costumes for either children or adults, avoid masks and other headgear that might impede vision. Everyone who is out and about needs to be able to see clearly once the sun goes down.
  • Both adults and children should keep their smartphones in their pockets unless an emergency arises. Walking on a dimly lit street while trying to use a phone is not very safe could be the perfect moment for an opportunity crime

Staying Safe at Home

If you plan to leave home for a party or to take your kids trick or treating, be sure to arm your wireless home security system before you leave. You also might want to leave an exterior light on so that you are not returning to a dark house. If you have a home automation system, you can turn your lights on with your smartphone as you approach the house.

Here are a few more safety tips for the home:

  • Keep all of your windows and doors locked except for the main entryway where you will be greeting guests or trick-or-treaters.
  • Make sure there is sufficient exterior lighting for your guests or trick-or-treaters as they approach your home.
  • Opt for LED lights as a safer alternative over open flames for lighting jack-o’-lanterns and other Halloween decorations.

Safety When Driving

Our last set of tips has nothing to do with wireless home security or trick-or-treating. Rather, they are tips for driving on Halloween night. This is one night of the year when drivers have to be extra cautious. Be careful to heed the following safe driving tips:

  • Drive cautiously in residential neighborhoods. Reducing your speed will make it easier for you to react should a child dart out into the road.
  • Be vigilant when exiting and entering your driveway. Driveways are prone to accidents due to limited visibility.
  • Spend that extra second at stop signs. Make the effort to look both left and right an extra time or two before you proceed.
  • It should go without saying, but here is a reminder not to drink and drive. If you will be attending a party where alcohol is served, it would be a good idea to either stick to the limits or designate a driver.

The annual Halloween holiday brings out the kids and adult party-goers for fun that happens only once a year. We encourage you to enjoy yourself but be safe. Remember that Halloween safety goes above and beyond wireless home security and home automation.