Security and Home Automation Inexorably Linked

If you have ever wondered what is driving the home automation market in 2016, it is a desire for personal security. Where home security and automation technologies used to be viewed as separate entities when home automation was first introduced a decade ago, they are now inextricably linked in the minds of consumers. In short, people concerned enough about home security to install a wireless security system are reasonably likely to include some home automation devices in their setups.

The phenomenon of wireless security and home automation is not limited to the United States, either. Very similar conditions occur in countries as far away as Australia. A recent report from Channel News says that more than 60% of all home automation sales in that country are related to personal security. The most in-demand products are wireless video cameras that can be self-monitored or connected to a professional monitoring service.

According to Channel News, the top five reasons Australians install security and home automation systems are as follows:

1. To make a home more secure and safe
2. For remote monitoring and controlling purposes
3. To save money by automating heating and cooling
4. To monitor their homes while they are away
5. To monitor energy use in a desire to be more environmentally friendly.

Obviously, consumers here in the U.S. do not necessarily have the same motivation as their Australian counterparts. But we know from our own experience that customers who tend to purchase security systems also favor home automation devices as well. It makes a lot of sense when you stop and think about it.

Remote Security Invites Automation

The link between home security and automation is a natural one created by technology. It’s about wireless technology, more specifically. Wireless technology now allows homeowners to monitor and control their security devices from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and a mobile device. And if they can control their door locks and security cameras remotely, why not extend that control to thermostats, lighting, and other electronic devices?

Combining both security and home automation is such a natural thing to do that most customers don’t have to be prompted to do it. They research DIY and professionally installed systems prior to making a decision, and they reach the logical conclusion that combining automation and security is the smartest way to go.

At the end of the day, wireless home security invites automation to come along as an equal partner in home security and efficiency. Complete wireless systems give homeowners maximum control of everything from installed video cameras to every light in the house. Better yet, smart systems capable of learning are gradually taking the average American home into an era of technology only previously dreamed about.

Time to Connect Your Home

Uxari is both proud and excited to be part of the modern security and home automation industry. We are passionate about the new advantages technology and the benefits it provides to consumers. We love being able to supply advanced home security technology at affordable prices. Every time we sell one of our systems, we know that our customer will enjoy unparalleled security and efficiency once the equipment is set up and working properly.

If you have ever considered automating and securing your home with a wireless system, now is the time to connect to it. The technology will only get better as the industry evolves. Why not get on board now and be part of a cutting-edge revolution? You will be ahead of the game and could inspire your friends and neighbors to catch-up.


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