Smart Home and Smartphone: A Marriage Made in Heaven

The smart home of the 21st century is getting smarter by the day. Just look at what we can do here at Uxari. We make it possible for you to control thermostats and lighting no matter where you are in the world; we make it possible for you to unlock and lock your doors without ever using a key. One of our systems can even create a geo-fence around your property so that your home’s smart systems automatically adjust themselves as soon as you are in range.

It’s all pretty awesome, and it is all entirely possible because of the marriage between the smart home and the smartphone. You might even say it is a marriage made in heaven.

Getting the most out of smart home devices from Uxari is all about using your smartphone and the apps that go with our devices. You set everything up according to your preferences and then let your home automation control panel interact with your smartphone to take care of the rest. Some of your devices will even learn the details of your daily routine in order to self-adjust. And once again, it’s all due to that relationship between your smart home devices and your smartphone.

Thermostat Control and Geo-Fencing

One of the first things the industry set out to automate years ago was the common household thermostat. Today’s automated thermostats are more than just programmable devices that work independently. They are fully integrated into the smart home concept of self-adjusting without any need from the homeowner.

Our thermostat devices include geo-fencing technology that can really make a difference. Let’s say you plan to be home from work at five o’clock and your thermostat is set to begin adjusting the temperature at 4:45. That’s your daily routine. But there might be a day when you decide to leave work early. By communicating with your smartphone, the thermostat can determine when you are within a certain distance from home and automatically adjust the temperature in preparation for your early return.

Keeping You Informed at All Times

Geo-fencing is just one of the capabilities of the smart home of the 21st-century. Home automation systems like those we sell take the capabilities of technology as far as they will go. Yet another example is the ability of the smart home to communicate with its owner via text messages, e-mails, and photos sent to the smartphone.

Do you want video surveillance cameras included in your system? Not a problem. You can set things up so that you receive text messages and photos whenever your cameras are activated. Choose smart locks for your doors and garage and you will be kept updated on their status. For example, leaving the garage door open for more than a prescribed amount of time results in a text message sent to your phone.

Home automation devices from Uxari can even be set up to inform you when something goes wrong with the system. You can receive text messages to warn you that you are running out of video storage or to let you know that one of your cameras is not responding. Receive a text if someone tries to log into your system without authorization, or when one of your devices malfunctions.

There is so much we can do to make the smart home smarter by setting it up to interact with your smartphone. As technology advances, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Indeed, the marriage between the smart home and smartphone is one made in heaven.