Wireless Door Locks: A Vital Smart Home Device

Today’s smart home offers a lot of interesting options never before seen in the home automation and security space. Take wireless door locks, for example. A home security and automation system from Uxari can include wireless systems to control your door locks from anywhere in the world using just your smartphone. And make no mistake; these wireless locks are not a novelty. They are actually quite functional.

It is not uncommon for customers to install a wireless door lock system only to ask themselves a few weeks down the road how they ever lived without the locks in the past. Once you experience all of the functionality they offer, installing them in your home quickly becomes a no-brainer.

Bad Weather No Longer a Problem

We all know how miserable it is to come home and have to fumble with keys during a driving rainstorm or when it’s extremely cold outside. Where the latter is concerned, trying to unlock your front door in extreme cold can expose your fingers to frostbite. Worse yet, any amount of moisture in the lock system could render your key useless.

A home security and automation system with wireless door locks completely removes the key from the equation. As you arrive home, you simply unlock the door using a smartphone app. Then exit your vehicle and walk right in as quickly as can be. No more fumbling with keys during bad weather.

Entry in Emergency Situations

If you have any older family members living in your home, you absolutely need wireless door locks. Just this one smart home feature alone could be a real lifesaver in the event a family member has an emergency.

Let’s assume your elderly father were to fall and break his hip while home alone. He can call 911 using his cell phone, but he obviously cannot get up to unlock the front door for first responders. That is not a problem with wireless door locks. Rather than forcing rescuers to break the glass or force the door with a crowbar, the door can be unlocked with a smartphone app.

No More Locking Yourself Out

Locking yourself out of the house without wireless door locks means forcing your way into your home. When you have a smartphone with wireless locks, no forced entry is required. Simply log onto your system with your smartphone and you will have the locks open in an instant. If you’ve locked both your keys and phone in the house, go next door and call one of your family members on their phones. They can unlock the door too!

Let Your Guests Enter Easily

You no longer need to leave a key under the mat for out-of-town guests when you have wireless door locks. Just have your guests call you when they arrive and you can immediately unlock the front door. If you also have a home security system installed, you can disarm it before your guests enter.

Your wireless door locks also come in handy when you have contractors scheduled to work in your home. No need to wait until they arrive if you need to get to work early. You can unlock the door, and lock it again, according to the contractor’s schedule.

It might seem like wireless door locks are simply a novelty item and nothing more. But customers who have already installed them rave about them for good reason. Wireless door locks eliminate the need for keys, improve security, make it safer for seniors to live alone, and make welcoming guests easier and more efficient.