End of Summer Travel Safety Tips

It might seem like yesterday when you were planning activities and trips for the summer months. Now that it’s the middle of August, the summer seems to have passed by, with a blink of an eyelid & schools gearing up for the fall semester at the end of the month. What does it mean? It means there is still that one last, fun, family summer holiday, that can be enjoyed before its back to school time. It also means a heightened risk of safety issues associated with travel.

If you are planning that one last trip before the end of the summer, we would like to remind you that safety starts with a little bit of planning before you step out of your home. We have composed a list of a few safety tips, we believe you might find useful.

Safety at Home

Even while you are away, you can take steps to keep your home secure. For example, that wireless security system you recently installed can deter burglars – but only if you remember to arm it before you leave. Hopefully, it is monitored as well. Whether you utilize a do-it-yourself home alarm monitoring or pay a monthly subscription for professional monitoring, keep an eye on your house while you’re away.

Things to remember:

• Automate lighting systems to mimic being at home
• Stop your mail and newspaper delivery
• Have a neighbor move cars and check on the house every few days.

Safety on the Road

If you are among those who will drive to your vacation destination, exercise some simple safety rules, starting with a commitment to never use your cell phone while driving. Do not use it to make calls, send or receive texts, or even to get directions. Pull over and stop or have someone else in the car handle the phone.

Things to remember:

• Carry your registration and insurance card
• Check your cars fluid levels on a regular basis
• Make sure your spare tire or emergency compressor is operational.

Also be very careful when you stop to refuel. Credit card skimmers are easy to install in gas pumps. Before you insert your credit card, briefly scan the front of the pump looking for a sticker that acts as a seal. It is usually located somewhere near the pump’s lock mechanism. If anyone has been inside the pump without authorization, that seal will be broken. DO NOT insert your credit card if the seal is broken. Instead, inform an attendant of your finding.

Safety at Your Destination

Just like a do-it-yourself home alarm monitoring system lets you keep an eye on your home, you also have to monitor your personal security when making hotel reservations, dining, or visiting attractions. Never give out personal information to anyone whose legitimacy as a customer service representative is not sure. When you use credit cards to pay for meals or attractions, do not let them out of your sight.

Safety at Your Hotel

Hotels are generally safe environments. Still, crime is always a possibility. Keep your room door closed and locked at all times and, if you have a first-floor room, make sure windows and sliding glass doors are also kept locked.

Any valuables that will be left behind while you are out sightseeing should be locked away in your room safe. If the hotel does not offer safes in its rooms, there should be a safe at the front desk where your valuables can be stored.

Go out and enjoy the last few weeks of summer with your family. Trust your wireless home security system to keep your property safe while you’re gone, and put in place as many of these safety tips as you can to protect yourself, your family, and your personal information. You should be able to enjoy your trip without having to worry about becoming a crime victim.