Tips for Preventing Home Invasion Robberies

It only takes a split second to find yourself in the midst of a home invasion robbery. With one stiff kick, a thief could be in your home, forcing you to collect your valuables under the threat of violence. Fortunately, home invasion robberies are not the norm where property crimes are concerned, but they are always a risk in this day and age.

You don’t have to make yourself a target by allowing your home to remain vulnerable to home invasion. Just by implementing a few changes, you could significantly enhance your personal security by reducing your risk of being victimized.

Install a Home Security System

The first tip should be obvious. Criminals do not like home security systems because of their potential to make noise, quickly alert the authorities, and provide the evidence needed by police and prosecutors. One of the best things you can do to make your home safer is to equip it with a good selection of security devices. DIY home security from Uxari is a good place to start.

Mount External Cameras up High

As long as you are investing in DIY home security, you might just as well include video cameras in your package. DIY wireless cameras are reliable yet relatively easy to install. On the outside of your home, make sure your cameras are mounted high enough that criminals cannot reach them without significant effort. Also be sure to point the cameras at the most common points of entry including the front door, rear door, and garage. Criminals will check for the existence of cameras before attempting a home invasion.

Avoid Opening the Door

Criminals who perpetrate home invasion robberies rely on shock and awe to overpower their victims. Therefore, they tend to knock on the door rather than just attempting to barge in. As soon as the victim opens the door, they quickly force entry and overwhelm the occupants. So here’s a secret: avoid opening the door unless you’re absolutely sure who is on the other side. Do not even open it a crack.

You can avoid opening the door at all times by installing a smart video doorbell. A video doorbell provides a live video feed of whoever happens to be standing at your door. You’ll know right away whether to open it or not.

Maintain Your Privacy

Most home invasion robberies are not random acts of violence. Criminals target certain homes because they are after something. So help yourself stay secure by maintaining your privacy. Don’t take to social media to brag about all the new toys you got for your birthday or Christmas. Don’t flaunt expensive jewelry or use your credit cards carelessly at the grocery store. Be very careful about protecting your privacy and you will reduce the chances that a criminal will target you for home invasion.

Install Heavy-Duty Deadbolts

Next to a home security system, the second most important thing you can do to protect your home is install heavy-duty deadbolt locks. Again, remember that home invasion perpetrators rely on quick entry in order to overwhelm victims. If it takes them 20 to 30 seconds just to get past your deadbolt locks and breach the door, they will have lost the element of surprise.

We should be thankful that home invasion robberies are among the least commonly committed crimes. But we cannot rest on the assumption that we are safe because statistics say so. Every homeowner should take the steps necessary to make their homes as secure as possible. We are here to help, with DIY home security systems backed by excellent customer service.