Understanding How a Smart Doorbell Works

As soon as the 2016 Christmas shopping season started, we began seeing advertisements for the smart video doorbell also called a smart doorbell. We couldn’t be more pleased because it shows how popular a gift it has become to give your loved ones. A smart video doorbell makes a great Christmas gift, both, for people who already have wireless home security systems installed as well as those now thinking considering installing a home security system.

As advertisements are created to communicate with a larger number of people, it can be a bit confusing to understand the point of installing a smart video doorbell. For example, the purpose of a video doorbell is not just to act as a deterrent to burglars from stealing packages off the front porch. If a burglar has surveyed a home for a few days he or she knows when no one is home and when packages are left unprotected. Stealing those packages becomes an easy mission for him or her.
A smart video doorbell is designed to deter criminals from trying to enter your home. This is an vital point that needs to be understood when you set your expectations of a video doorbell.

Is Anybody Home?

Burglars are known to either ring the doorbell or knock on the front door prior to making an entry. Why do this? Because the majority of burglaries occur during the daylight hours – when parents are at work and children are at school. A burglar will ring or knock just to be sure no one is truly home.

At this point, you should already be able to see the benefit of a smart doorbell. As either a stand-alone device or part of a wireless home security system, a video doorbell gives a homeowner access to whoever is standing at the front door regardless of whether anyone is home or not. The person ringing the doorbell has no way of knowing if the house is actually unoccupied.

Burglars who have doubts are likely to move on to other targets. There is no need for them to risk a homeowner being home when there are so many unoccupied homes in virtually any neighborhood. For that reason alone, a smart video doorbell is a great prevention device.

An Extra Video Surveillance Camera

An added benefit of a video doorbell is that it provides an extra video surveillance camera to keep an eye on things. Uxari carries one of the latest video doorbells with an impressive list of notable features:

• HD video
• Audio and video capabilities
• Live video monitoring
• Full-color night vision
• Free video recording
• On-board motion sensor capabilities.

As part of a wireless home security system, our video doorbell gives you more exterior coverage with an additional video camera that does not cost anything extra. To that extent, a video doorbell could possibly deter burglars from stealing packages off the porch if they recognize your doorbell for what it is. In other words, a thief who recognizes a video doorbell will know his or her activities could be recorded, thereby increasing his/her chances of being caught, prosecuted and convicted.

We highly recommend the smart video doorbell to every homeowner. It would obviously be better as part of a fully wireless home security system that includes interior video cameras, motion sensors, and sensors for smoke and carbon monoxide. But even without a full home security system, the video doorbell offers a lot of benefits for the homeowner and his or her family.