Use Your Video Doorbell to Catch Package Thieves

DIY wireless security cameras have been used by homeowners to protect their properties for quite a while now. Even before DIY technology started booming, home security companies were offering video cameras as a further deterrent to unauthorized entry. The newest kid on the block is the smart video doorbell, a piece of technology that combines a video surveillance camera with an audio system and a traditional doorbell.

We promote video doorbells as a way to keep yourself safer by not having to open the front door to identify who might be there. In fact, the remote capabilities of the typical smart doorbell make it possible for you to answer even if you are thousands of miles away. The doorbell’s video camera sends a live stream right to your smartphone while you interact with the person standing at the door via an on-board audio system.

How effective are video doorbells at preventing burglary and property crimes? Effective enough that the Issaquah, Washington Police Department began loaning video doorbells to local residents in early December in an attempt to thwart package thieves. They only had six to loan, but even the limited number they had were still effective.

Previous Examples of Success

The Issaquah Police Department did not come up with the idea of loaning video doorbells randomly. Rather, they looked at other instances where video doorbells helped to identify and apprehend package thieves. In some cases, the devices have actually deterred criminals from even attempting their planned thefts.

The key to using a video doorbell to prevent package theft or unauthorized entry is the burglar recognizing the device for what it is. That was a problem when video doorbells were first introduced, but now they are common enough that burglars easily recognize them.

Issaquah police officials told a local news channel back in December that package thieves are probably going to see a video doorbell and know what it is. In such a case, they are also likely to turn around and walk away. They do not need to be identified by video footage that clearly shows their faces as they step down to retrieve packages.

The Next Layer of Security

Our DIY wireless security cameras are a great addition to any wireless home security system. They offer an extra layer of security that makes it that much more difficult for criminals to do what they want to do. Here is a brief list of reasons explaining why you should consider adding a video doorbell if you do not yet have one:

  • Video doorbells give you a full view of your entryway without you having to open your door.
  • A person at your door has no idea if you are home or not, despite communicating with you.
  • Video footage recorded by your doorbell can be used to catch criminals.
  • A video doorbell can be used to keep your children safer when you are not home.
  • You can monitor your front door whether you are home or on the other side of the world.
  • The best video doorbells offer automatic recording and night vision capabilities.

It’s amazing that such a simple device can be so helpful in protecting homes against burglars and package thieves. We strongly encourage any of our customers with DIY wireless security systems to add a smart doorbell if they don’t already have one. If you are new to home security and looking to purchase your first package, we hope you’ll make a video doorbell part of that package. Uxari carries a full range of devices to create a system just for you.


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