What Will Smart Homes Look Like in the Future?

The smart home concept really began taking off with the proliferation of the internet and wireless technology. Thanks to the Internet of Things that now connects millions of devices around the world, our visions of smart homes are starting to come together. Already we can use home automation technology to control virtually anything in the home that is powered by electricity. So, what will smart homes look like in the future?

It’s hard to say just what technology will bring into play in the next 25 to 50 years. Projecting 100 years out is even harder. Yet, it’s still interesting to speculate based on the technologies we already have combined with what we know people are working on. So with that in mind, we figured it might be fun to dream about the smart home of the future. We have collected several different predictions from across the vast sea of internet resources for your reading pleasure.

Wearables Will Play an Important Role

Wired Magazine’s Richard L. Tso envisions a day in which wearables will play a vital role in the smart home. He spoke to numerous people for a piece published in the magazine in 2014, individuals who are committed to the idea of technologies like Google Glass and Nymi that could be integrated through a single platform that would allow users to control their automated devices in multiple ways.

A wearable instrument might allow a homeowner to turn on lights just by waving a finger or looking in the direction of the lights in question. Voice commands could be combined with gestures to control appliances and window blinds. And every home automation piece could be fitted with a beacon so that they immediately come into play when a device is within range of a wearable.

Toilets Will Tell You If You’re Sick or Ill

According to Life Hack, enterprising engineers in Japan are already working on a smart toilet capable of telling that you might be ill or sick. Apparently, the technology involves running a complete urinalysis after a homeowner uses the toilet. Based on that analysis, the toilet’s software could detect the possibility of all sorts of conditions, including diabetes. Researchers are also looking at stool analysis and its potential for early detection of colon cancer.

Smart Homes Will Learn Homeowner Behavior

Writers at Gizmodo magazine can clearly see the day when the smart home will actually learn homeowner behavior. If they are right, our homes will eventually be able to take care of themselves with very little effort on our part. For example, Gizmodo published an article this past spring talking about a new line of sensors that are capable of monitoring daylight and adjusting window shades accordingly. Gizmodo has taken that concept and broadened it to include other areas.

They suggest sensors and software that combine to control just about every automated device in the home. Your coffee machine might start by itself in the morning while your television would turn to your favorite news channel after sensing you’re awake. Your thermostat would self-adjust as you walk out the door, then make sure your house is at the right temperature before you arrive home from work.

Much of what is described here is already possible to a limited, rudimentary extent. What we are talking about for the future are devices that can do all the same things but without our help. That is the eventual goal of the home automation paradigm. Until then, though, we hope you will consider purchasing your home automation and security devices from Uxari.


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