What You Should Know about Smart Thermostats

For any company to claim its DIY home automation and security system is the best on the market requires that system to include at least a couple of basic things, beginning with a smart thermostat. Rest assured that the smart thermostat is a very different kind of device with capabilities that go way beyond simply creating programs to control heating and cooling. It is a device capable of learning and adjusting on its own.

Here at Uxari, we take great pride in being an industry leader in DIY home automation. Our smart thermostat is just one component in a comprehensive home automation system that can make your home safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable to live in.

From our perspective, here’s what a smart thermostat really looks like:

Smart Thermostats Communicate with Owners

A homeowner can learn to program his or her thermostat for maximum efficiency. He/she can also check the thermostat every couple of weeks to make it is operating as programmed. However, a smart thermostat does not wait for the homeowner to come and check. Instead, it sends a message to the homeowner when its programming has been deviated from.

Our smart thermostats send a text message when the temperature inside your home exceeds a specific measurement. Let’s understand this with an example – Say your home temperature is set to 72° throughout the year. If your cooling system breaks down in the middle of a hot July day, the temperature rises to 79° you will be notified that something is wrong with it immediately via a text message.

Additionally, you will also get a text message if the temperature your thermostat is currently set to has been changed. A text message would indicate someone has made a manual adjustment or the thermostat itself is malfunctioning.


Smart Thermostats Can Make Automatic Adjustments

The smart thermostat is capable of self-adjusting on the fly according to parameters set by the homeowner. For example, the Uxari smart thermostat has geo-fencing capabilities that trigger adjustments depending on your location. When you are within the boundaries of your geo-fence, the thermostat will either heat or cool your house by 5° depending on the time of year. The same will happen whenever you leave your geo-fence.

Automatic adjustments also include adjusting heating or cooling based on sunrise and sunset. Additionally, if smoke were detected in your home, the thermostat would automatically turn your fan off so that it does not exacerbate an existing fire.

Smart Thermostats Learn Your Lifestyle

The mark of a truly smart thermostat is one that can learn a homeowner’s lifestyle and then self-adjust accordingly. This technology is not yet flawless, but it already works extremely well. The homeowner simply programs that smart thermostat and then runs the program for a couple of days. During that time, the thermostat is keeping track of programming and any adjustments made manually. Within a few days to a few weeks, the thermostat’s artificial intelligence has collected enough data to self-adjust based on the homeowner’s lifestyle tendencies.

The smart thermostat ‘learns’ by taking advantage of preprogrammed data and geo-fencing. It also communicates with other Uxari devices in your home to figure out your tendencies. For example, your smart thermostat will communicate with motion sensors, smart door locks, and even your security console. All these additional communications provide the information necessary to learn and automatically adjust.

Now that you know what a truly smart thermostat looks like, it’s time to contact Uxari and learn more about our DIY home automation technologies. We believe we can truly say we have the best DIY home automation and security system on the market. We welcome the opportunity to prove it to you.