Why Home Security is A Good Idea in a Gated Community

Over the last 3 decades, the United States has seen an increasingly larger number of new communities being built as gated communities. Some existing communities,  at the request of their residents, have invested in wall and gate systems. Perimeter walls surround gated communities with access via controlled gates at various points around the property; some gated communities have but one entry and exit point. A question that arises out of these developments is, whether home security systems and other measures are still necessary in these communities.

The immediate answer to this question is yes, however it is a good idea to consider, in detail, the benefits of setting up a home security system in a gated community.Today’s home automation and security systems, for the most part, go hand-in-hand. If a consumer intends to invest in one, he or she is also more likely to invest in both, by purchasing a combined product. Still, a consumer might make the case for home automation but decide not to pay for additional security components out of confidence of living in a gated community.

Crime Goes Down, Not by Much

The theory behind the development of gated communities goes back to the 1980s when they were established as a was to isolate residential homes from street criminals, known to commit crimes of opportunity.The idea of the community being that taking away access to neighborhoods would also be take away opportunities to commit burglary, car theft, and other property crimes. The idea looked good on paper and to an extent it worked.

The push for gated communities was so strong in the early years that developers and real estate agents could employ the promise of greater security as a selling point for properties built within gated communities. That marketing push is not as pervasive today, but the general idea that gated communities are safer is still relatively commonplace.

According to a comprehensive report from the International Foundation of Protection Officers, crime does go down when a community is gated, but not by much. Years of statistical data show that crime in gated communities is significantly lower within the first year or two as compared to non-gated communities in the same general vicinity. But then crime rates slowly start to rise as opportunist criminals discover means and way of entering those communities. The overall long-term effect is that gated communities are safer, but only ever so slightly.

Still Better Off with Home Security

After carefully analyzing all the data which suggests that living in a gated community does offer some improvement in personal safety, it however, does not guarantee complete protection and a presence of mind. That is why, installing a home security system even in a gated community is a sound idea and investment. Adding that additional level of monitored protection only safeguards a homeowner and his or her family.

Uxari is pleased to offer state-of-the-art home automation and security systems based on modern wireless technology. Installing an Uxari system, doesn’t require costly and inconvenient construction projects to improve safety and efficiency. All one needs is the working knowledge of a smartphone and the ability to to change batteries, to instantly set up an Uxari home automation and security system.

Adding windows and door sensors on all first-floor entry points along with at least one video camera and a video doorbell is a good idea. With Uxari, customers don’t get a one size fits all solution with having to choose between pre-packaged kits.Every customer can custom design their own system to meet their unique needs by choosing from a list of home automation and security devices.

So, in conclusion, even if living in a gated community makes one feel a bit safer, taking that one extra step of  installing a home security system with wireless home monitoring, bring with it, an unmatched level of peace of mind that cannot be taken away.


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