(FREE with our Home Connect Kit)

Our simple wireless touch screen puts your entire system at your fingertips.

• 7” LCD touch screen
• Central hub for all wireless sensors
• Quick installation
• 5 day weather forecast
• 24 hour back up battery

Live Voice Assist

Two-way talk from the dashboard connects you with our monitoring professionals.

24x7 Monitoring

Monitoring teams are standing by to respond to an emergency even if you can’t.

Uxari App

Motion, door, and window sensors allow you to know what’s going on in your home.

SAVE $15/month

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Cellular monitoring plan now only $34.99/month

Product Overview

The 7” touch screen dashboard is the nerve center of your security system. It connects wirelessly with all the sensors in your home and communicates with Uxari using a secure cellular connection. The touch screen interface puts control of your entire system at your fingertips. Includes 24-Hour Back-Up Battery.

Uxari wireless service agreement required.